Strategies For Creative Development And Problem Solving

Strategies For Successful Creative Development And Problem Solving:

From The Arts To High Tech, Business To Health & Beyond

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The philosophy of coadaptive generative structuralism (a.k.a. TVIA) has been and continues to be applied to the arts, sciences, engineering/high tech/invention, business, health and other areas.


This page and the overviews of the first links from this page are written to cover the surface of the topic, with simplicity given priority to subtle facts, whereas the details and deeper links from here include more acedemic pages with references, etc.

General Problem Solving and Creativity

Sciences and Technology

Applied to mathematics, science (biology, physiology/perception, economics), high tech inventions,

Health & Fitness

Business, Finance, Economy

The Arts & Aesthetic Experience

It has been applied to aesthetics and the associated arts, including our five senses. This includes visual arts, performing arts ( music, theater, dance ), culinary arts, and writing. In music, it has been applied in many genres to developing sound perception theory, music theory, composition and improvisation, translation/generation of music from other media, arranging, rendering (from natural acoustic instruments to invented synthesis of sounds), recording engineering, training and performance, memorization and more. In the visual arts, it has been applied to translation/generation of music from other media, creation of various rendering methods, cartoon drawing of faces depicting emotion, creation of simple and complex abstract pattern art, etc. In the culinary arts it has been applied to create recipies given various culinary taste, nutritional and price constraints. In dance it has been applied to create and quickly learn new dance steps in couples, line and individual dance. In comedy, it has been used so far just to create (admittedly weak) jokes, and to identify a common basis of existing jokes, in order to illustrate the principal of use of the strategies. In writing, it has been used to create plot outlines, character relationship developments, the basis of thrillers and mysteries. These results range from sophisticated and complete works to quick, incomplete baby steps that can be used to examine potential of the strategies. Creating in all these areas has been enhanced the aesthetic of life while improving personal finance and health.


The philosophy of coadaptive generative structuralism and the closely associated notion of transvergic interadaptation (TVIA) are presented along with methods of use for creative development and problem solving. These methods are compared to many other strategies for creative development and problem solving.

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